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Emergency Alert and TeleCare Solution


All In the Palm of Your Hand

check911 Personal Emergency Response

checkSecure Personal Health Record (PHR)

checkDaily Dynamic Health Reminders

check24/7 Nurse on Call service

checkWeb-bsed PHR creation program

checkAuto-notification to loved ones

checkiOS & Anndroid device enabled

About My Daily Companion

The Daily Companion app provides powerful, on-demand life caring services that keep you healthy, safe and secure. The app’s TeleCare service promotes your health by delivering important daily medication and health-oriented reminders right to your phone. The app also provides access to our registered Nurse on Call service, enabling you to receive answers to medical questions. In the event of a crisis, Daily Companion’s Emergency Alert service protects your life providing immediate access to its IAED-trained professional experts who will use GPS tracking and your Personal Health Record (PHR) to help dispatched paramedics with your emergency. Together in one app, these amazing on-demand lifesaving services will promote your health and protect your life… anywhere… anytime. Learn More

What Daily Companion does for you!

Freedom to Live

Your life is about aging in place with dignity. You seek ways to maintain your health and well being. Daily Companion’s answers your need with its daily reminder system to ensure a healthy life…anywhere…anytime.

Peace of Mind

You understand your loved ones’ desire to be independent, but… you fear the worse – not being there in their hour of need. You’re relieved knowing Daily Companion is there to answer their call for help…24/7

Quality of Care

With one click, you access to your registered nurse on call, or in an emergency, talk to experts who’ll help you with your crisis, and notify your loved ones of your situation. That’s our Quality of Care!

Access your Personal Care Portal

Anytime… Anywhere… Any Device*

checkbox-303113_960_720Manage your own Personal Health Record (PHR)

checkbox-303113_960_720Create daily dynamic health reminders

checkbox-303113_960_720Update calendar alerts and notifications

checkbox-303113_960_720Add loved ones list for emergency notification

checkbox-303113_960_720HiPAA-level security for the highest Protection

checkbox-303113_960_720Display on iOS & Android devices

checkbox-303113_960_720Step-by-step video setup instructions


*Internet access required