Family and Friends


It’s a simple, yet important question…

You care about someone you love and seek solutions that will keep them healthy, safe and secure. You look for answers that will not only solve the questions, but also help give you peace of mind; of knowing you’re doing the very best for the ones you love.

We, ad MedSign, have the answer.

MedSign is passionate about helping people live their lives to the fullest. That’s why we created Daily Companion; our award-nominated* mobile apps-based system that deliver powerful life-caring services…and puts it right in the palm of their hands.

Daily Companion’s has two main features. The TeleCare service provides key healthcare applications designed to promote and help improve the health of your loved one. The Emergency Alert service protects them in a crisis by providing life-saving access to our call center’s IAED-trained experts who will help them with their situation.

The combination of these tremendous life-caring applications is the answer to your question of…

What if….?

Keep your grandparents, mom and dad, son and daughter, sister and brother, and any other family members healthy, safe and secure, 24/7 with Daily Companion.

Hospitals and ACOs

It’s a serious business question…

You seek ways to provide the best post discharge service to assist your patient’s recovery and help them to improve their health. But most importantly, you need to find an efficient and cost-effective solution to the ever-growing readmission problem that can affect your bottom line and hurt your ability to provide quality of service.

We, ad MedSign, have the answer.

MedSign’s Daily Companion TeleCare and Emergency Alert system provides an easy-to-adopt solution that provides the ACO, a seamless transition from the hospital dispatch office to the home with valuable services that can help reduce the four main reasons why patients return early – missing or forgetting to take medication, lack of hydration, failure to perform prescribed therapies, and the failure to change their bandages and dressings.

Using Daily Companion’s TeleCare service, patients receive time-based, responsive reminders that require patients to acknowledge the health-related event. The system has ‘hunt’ features that will continue to find the patient and deliver the reminder at home and on the road.

The Daily Companion Dispatch Dashboard provides your personnel with important metrics – monitoring the patient’s use of the reminder system, and especially alert the dispatcher those which are not following or acknowledging the system. At that time, based on your own customizable protocols, the dispatcher can place a call to the patient, or a loved one to determind the reason for non-compliance.

And, in the event of a crisis, Daily Companion’s Emergency Alert service will provide your patient’s life-saving access to our IAED-trained call center experts that will assists with their emergency 24/7.

The combination of these powerful life-caring services will help in the reduction of patient early readmissions while also assisting in the promotion of their health and well-being. It will surely answer the question of…

What if….?