Your life is clearly about aging in place with dignity and grace.You want independence and to live in the comfort of your own home.You look for ways to help maintain your health and well being.You seek safety and security – that help will be there when you need it.

Welcome to Daily Companion, your newest best friend. Designed by seniors for seniors, its Healthcare and Medical Alert System provides easy-to-use health care applications and emergency communication systems to promote your daily well being and protect your life with access to emergency services… 24/7.


PROMOTE benefits

Daily scheduled health reminders displayed on the screen.
Daily brain challenging exercises keep seniors active.
A built-in telephone system with easy to read numbers and pictures.
Easy-to-use touch screen for access to important features.
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PROTECT benefits

Immediate access to IAED-trained Emergency Companion Assistants.
Loved one’s life-saving health information displayed for paramedics.
Dial a registered Nurse on Call for important health concerns.
Automatic emergency notification to physician, family, and friends.
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Simply plug-in base station to AC power & standard telephone line
Access Call Center with base station buttons or wireless transmitters
Touch screen with easy-to-read apps and audio response
Backup battery system in case of power failure
Speaker-phone system with phone address book
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SMARTPHONE global access

Touch screen access to Daily Companion’s IAED-trained Call Center
Your secured Critical Health Information displayed on your phone
Press ‘Nurse on Call’ icon to communicate with a registered nurse
Calendar reminder app designed to remind you throughout the day
Designed to work with iPhone & smartphones for global coverage
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Simple drop-down menus to create your own personal profile
HiPAA-level security to ensure the highest protection of your data
Centralized storage for all your critical health information
Calendar reminder app designed to help you through the day
Designed to work with iPhone & smartphones for global coverage
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