Deluxe Mobile Alert and Healthcare App

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Good until Dec. 31, 2018
Locked Rate for 2 full years

After Dec. 31, 2018 rate is $39.95 a month

price-tag-thPlus FREE First month Call Center and

Nurse on Call Access

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iPhone, Android-based phones and tablets are shown for demonstration purposes only. They are not for sale in this offer.


checkImmediate access to expert call center agents

checkDisplay of your Personal Health Record (PHR)

checkNurse on Call with a touch of a button…24/7

checkNationwide GPS tracking locator system

checkAuto-emergency notification to loved ones

checkDaily health and medication reminders

checkPersonalized QR code system and labels

checkHiPAA-compliant website for your PHR

checkEmergency phone unlock feature


Freedom is in your hand with Daily Companion’s Mobile Alert App designed to operate on your iPhone, iPad, Android-base Smartphones and Tablets. This deluxe, nationwide 365-day, 24-hour all-in-one service includes unlimited access to Daily Companion International Academy Emergency Dispatch (IAED) trained agents who will assist you with your crisis, an on-screen display of your Personal Health Record (PHR) for paramedics access, personalized QR code system and labels, click on the icon and get access to a Nurse on Call, 24/7, your loved ones will receive an auto-emergency notification of your crisis, GPS tracking and location system tells paramedics where you are…even if you can’t talk, scheduled health and medication reminders to help you stay healthy and well, and our secure, HiPAA-compliant web services provides a secure global access portal to your Personal Health Record. In the event of an emergency, our advanced system automatically calls your loved ones listed on your emergency notification list.

Available for iOS 7 and above or Android 4.2 and higher.


To download the Daily Companion’s Smartphone App

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