Our Company


MedSign-Logo-with-registermark-w350-2014-300x102MedSign International Corporation was established to develop innovative cost-effective TeleCare technologies to meet the needs of our current senior population and the newest wave of baby boomers. The vision of our company is to develop solutions that promote and protect the lives of seniors, the disabled, and medically and mentally challenged. Our mission is to let seniors live out their lives with dignity and grace, free of fear of being alone, but knowing that they’re safe and secure…24/7.

logo-new1Our flaghsip, patented product is affectionately called Daily Companion. Its inspiration came from Tom Conroy, a retired Air Force officer who developed advanced technological systems for the U.S space program. A personal family crisis formed the basis of his patented invention which ensures that emergency responders have all the tools and health information they need to help save a person’s life.

Together, with a team of experts in the healthcare and technology field, MedSign International Corporation was formed to take the vision and develop and produce the Daily Companion system for global use.

For more company information, go to: www.medsign.com