Personal Care Portal

The Personal Care Portal is your gateway to promoting and protecting your health every day. It is your secure link from your online personal database to your Daily Companion mobile app so that your critical lifesaving information is right in your hands.

The portal contains all your personal information that is both easy-to-setup and easy-to-use. There, you’ll also find important applications that are designed to keep you safe and secure. Here are just some of those incredible feature:

checkManage your own Personal Health Record (PHR)

checkCreate daily dynamic health reminders

checkUpdate calendar alerts and notifications

checkAdd loved ones list for emergency notifications

checkHiPAA-level security for the highest Protection

checkDisplay on iOS & Android devices

checkStep-by-Step video setup instructions

Creating Your Personal Care Portal Account

Your first step is to create your Personal Care Portal account by going to your Get the App page where you will set up your personal account. Once completed, you will receive an email detailing how to log in to your care portal and create digital Personal Health Record (PHR) for yourself and family members with information gathered using our Personal Health Record Form. The form is an adobe pdf form that will help you gather all you and your family’s personal health information. It is found on the Personal Health Record page.

For more information on how to set up your account, feel free to watch the videos below.

Helpful Account Creation Videos

Here are videos that explain how to activate your account and create a Personal Health Record for you and your family.