Personal Health Record

The Paramedic Nightmare

Too many times paramedics and emergency responders arrived at a home in the blind – not having vital health information about the person in crisis, not knowing what medications they’re taking, wasting life-saving time searching the home for medical history, or prescriptions…critical information that can mean life or death.

The ER Doctor’s Dilemma

Emergency Room Doctors work miracles everyday but often they receive patients with little or no personal health information and have to make time-sensitive decisions…Unfortunately, because of the lack of health information, many of these decisions have resulted in negative results. Nearly every doctor has told us – ‘having a patient’s up-to-date health information is absolutely critical in the process of performing life-saving services.’

MedSign answers their call

Wouldn’t you want to make sure emergency responders have all the information they need too save your life? Of course, you do! That’s why MedSign created the Daily Companion Personal Health Record (PHR); your first step in helping yourself, paramedics and ER doctors in an emergency.

Designed by Paramedics and ER Doctors

Emergency Responders need specific information to make the right decision – especially when you’re unresponsive and unable to answer life-critical questions. That’s why MedSign brought on a team of medical experts to help design Daily Companion so that it provides important health, medication and other personal data to help you in your crisis. No longer will they be operating in the blind. Now they have your Daily Companion PHR.

Where can I get my own PHR?

Simply check the ‘Activate’ icon on top of the page and Daily Companion will introduce you to its Personal Care Portal. There, you’ll find an easy-to-setup process, that helps you creat your own secure account that enables you to start your PHR process and allow you to take advantage of other incredible services Daily Companion has to offer.

To help you to gather your personal health information, MedSign has created a ‘Personal Health Record Form’ that enables you to take your time and get all the information you need before you load it into your record. Click here to download the Adobe pdf form to your computer.

Can I create PHRs for My Family?

Of course, you can! As the Master Account Holder, you can create Personal Health Records for all the members of your family. And, their information can be available on their own phone* if they desire.

*additional access charges for emergency and nurse services could apply.


Help yourself gather the right personal health information that might be needed someday to save your life. Click on the image and get your PHR Form.

Setting Up Your On-Line Personal Health Record

The Personal Health Record is found on your Personal Care Portal. Once logged in, you will have the ability to create and maintain PHRs for yourself and your family members. To help you save time, we‘ve created the Personal Health Record Form found above. This will allow you the time to gather all your personal information that will be displayed on your mobile device.

The Personal Health Record includes:

  • Personal Contact Information

  • Medical History including Operations/Treatments

  • Allergies / Reactions

  • Medications / Prescriptions

  • Send Email Capability

  • Personalized QR label

Also included with your PHR is the Active Calendar Reminder and Scheduler Program that will allow you to receive important health-oriented reminder 24/7 on your mobile phone or tablet device. Once completed, simply press the update button on the mobile apps’ main screen and you’ll immediately receive a download of your PHR and reminders onto your device.

For more information on how to setup your PHR, please watch
the video below.

Watch and Create your PHR

Here is a video that will show you how to create a Personal Health Record for you and your family