Samsung – Passcode Access

logoIn an emergency, seconds count! If your smartphone is passcode-locked, paramedics are blocked from viewing your critical health information.


Daily Companion solves this with its patent-pending SMARTPHONE UNLOCKING feature. Following the steps below, you can grant paramedics instant access to your secured lifesaving information.

Currently, Daily Companion’s unlocking features are for iPhone and Samsung phones only. If you have another phone brand, your options are to either remove your passcode or contact your smartphone provider to determine if there are alternative steps to unlocking your passcode.

How It Works: Samsung Unlocking Feature

Life the iPhone, the Android lock screen is also a formable security system that protects your personal information. Access to your locked phone requires your personal four-digit passcode or working with Google to regain access if your password is forgotten. In the event of an emergency, lack of this lifesaving information is unacceptable. Not anymore. Daily Companion’s unlocking Android-developed feature coordinates with our Call Center to grant paramedics access to your phone and health profile.

Here are the steps to creating the Unlocking Feature:

Use your computer to setup your passcode:

  • Log in to your Daily Companion account.
  • Select your ‘Critical Health Information Profile’.
  • On the ‘Client Personal Information’ screen, select the ‘Mobile Passcode’ folder.
  • Fill in the ‘Device Type’, ‘Device Name’ and ‘Unlock Code’ fields then press the ‘Add’ button.
  • Log out.

Download Samsung Unlocking Feature Instructions (pdf)

Set up your Android Phone with the Unlocking Feature:*

*This step requires you to select and download the wallpaper screen for Android models. Using either an email process or syncing system, download and save the image to your image gallery.

Setting up your Lock Screen Wallpaper

  • Press and hold your finger on a clear area of the home screen for a moment.
  • Tap Set wallpaper on the pop-up window that appears.
  • Tap Lock screen, or Home and lock screen as desired.
  • Tap your wallpaper source. Gallery will let you look through your entire library of images, including camera, saved pictures, and screenshots. Select your saved Daily Companion image.
  • Tap Done in the top-right when you’re happy with the crop scheme.

Setting up Daily Companion Emergency Contact:

  • On the Home Screen, click on ‘Contacts’. Create a new contact.
  • Select the ‘Groups’ tab
  • Select ‘ICE – emergency contact’
  • Use the icon to the right of ‘Find contacts’ (a silhouette with a plus sign) to add an emergency contact.
  • Enter the details of a new contact with the name as: Daily Companion
  • In the ‘Add Phone’ field, add telephone number: 800-748-9968.
  • Change the Phone Field Title to: ‘main’, then press ‘Done’.
  • All the contacts in this “ICE” group will be available from the lock screen, so you can call them without unlocking the phone.

Your Unlocking Feature is complete and ready for an emergency.

Feel free to call our call center and validate that the unlocking feature is operational.

They will be happy to confirm!

Using the Unlocking Feature in an Emergency

  1. On your ‘Lock Screen’ press ‘Emergency Call’. The emergency list of phone numbers will appear.
  2. Select ‘Daily Companion’.
  3. The Android phone, using your newly created contact, dial the Daily Companion’s Call Center.
  4. The Call Center will recognize your Android phone. To access your locked phone, ask the assistant for your passcode. Once provided, hang up.
  5. Type in your passcode. The Home Screen will appear . Select your Daily Companion icon.


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